Fines for unvaccinated persons over 60 years of age – Clarifications from the Governor of AADE G. Pitsilis – How the fine is challenged

Excerpt from the briefing of the Ministry of Health on the National Vaccination Coverage Plan against COVID-19, by the President of the National Vaccination Committee M. Theodoridou, the General Secretary Primary Health Care M. Themistokleous and the Commander of AADE G. Pitsilis

-> G. PITSILIS: Good evening. Pursuant to the law, AADE will issue and certify on a monthly basis the administrative fines to persons who have reached the age of 60 and who, despite their relevant obligation, will not have been vaccinated until the 16th day of each month.

The confirmation of the fines is made by the AADE after the receipt of the relevant list of vaccinators from the Ministries of Health and Digital Government, the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration and IDIKA and the further exclusion from the list of non-listed foreign tax residents or are in legal aid.

The information of the citizens will be done with the usual procedures of AADE with information through the digital portal myaade in, that is the posting of the act of imposing the fine and the appearance of the debt in the debt information.

For the first time it will be done until the end of January, while at the same time the citizens will be able to be informed that they have been fined through the platform

For the treatment of special cases, which need further examination, the citizens will have the right to use the taxisnet codes and through the platform to submit a reasoned and documented request for objection, which will be examined by the respective competent Service.

In this context, especially for issues related to updating the tax residence or representation by a legal assistant, the changes can be declared to AADE by sending a request to the platform “my requests” through the digital portal myaade at

In this case, and if it turns out that they are not obliged to impose a fine, the fine will be automatically reversed in the next cycle, ie in the next month.

AADE remains firmly at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, supporting every initiative and policy of protection of Public Health.