The Company

We operate
rapidly, flexibly and efficiently

Is a member of the Association of Industries of Thessaly & Central Greece (AITCG) and the Magnesia Chamber of Commerce. It is the business expression of the first class Accountant Argyris G. Hadoulis (no.00249 / 01). Brain – Development Ltd. is housed in offices on the promenade of Volos (Kartali 1- Argonauts), excellently staffed and equipped and able to meet the requirements of the time, while it has fully equipped offices and in the islands of Skiathos (Building “Irkos”) and Skopelos.


Provision of Organization and Administration services in the Thessalian area since 1979.

The company believes in the utility of modern technology and its goal is to adopt and utilize all its proposals, as long as they respect the customer and offer his business financial and quality advantages. Our tasks are fully automated, thus increasing the efficiency and quality of services provided.


Mutual trust
& respect

Our principle is the business excellence and development of our company to be governed by the ethos and values that maintain our unbreakable alliance with society and our people. Our daily goal is to be valuable partners for our customers and to support them in their effort for a better and more profitable future.

We develop the skills and abilities of our people, unleash their dynamism and move into the future in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The diversity of our people and the confidence in their abilities are driving forces for our company. We join our forces with the common goal the development of our company. Through honest and direct cooperation, we ideally combine our individual skills and make the difference.

We support each other and create a strong team. We set high goals and in an ever-changing economic, social and technological environment, change and innovation are challenges that we respond to in terms of evolution. In this context, we operate rapidly, flexibly and efficiently.


Our daily goal is to be valuable partners for our customers.






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Brain – Development Ltd. offers a wide and varied range of opportunities both locally and regionally.