The process of obtaining a digital signature is simpler – In operation of a new platform

The Ministry of Digital Government announces that the operation of the new Certification Authority of the Greek State (APED) will start on Monday. The new APED is part of the General Secretariat for Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures and its mission is to provide digital signatures, either new generation (intangible) or classic form (USB token). Through the new APED, from today all citizens have the opportunity to issue personal digital signature certificates, lasting three years, obtaining a digital signature.

The use of digital signatures helps to further secure electronic transactions, reduce operating costs, and save time. All the steps for obtaining a digital signature through the new APED are described in detail on the platform

The philosophy of the new APED reflects the broader strategy of the Ministry of Digital Governance to upgrade the services of trust to the citizens and to improve their authentication processes. The operation of the platform follows the interventions of the Ministry of Digital Government regarding the authentication and the certification of the authenticity of the citizen’s signature (trust services). This includes the distribution:

  • 150,000 new generation digital signatures to civil servants (more than 50,000 have already been distributed) and
  • Over 506,000 new generation digital signatures in professional sectors (business representatives, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc.) and citizens.

The same strategy includes:

  • the services related to the digital documents of (issuance of authorization and responsible statement, digital certificate of document and private contract) and
  • the control of the validity of digital documents through

It is noted that for the approval of the new APED, all the legal evaluation and certification procedures have been followed, both by an independent evaluator and by EETT, as required by the national legislation and the European e-IDAS Regulation. The new APED is operational in all versions of Windows and MacOS, while for the revocation of digital certificates it will operate on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week.

For the validity and expiration dates of the digital signatures, which have been issued until January 17, 2022, the citizens can be informed from the website of in the category “Announcements”. In addition, it is emphasized that the supply of USB tokens by the citizens will continue to be done by the market providers and not by APED.