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Organization, supervision of accounting firms of private and public sector companies

Subsidized programs / Financing of investment projects

Preparation / Submission of proposals for subsidizing investment projects and their financing

Consulting and business organization

Providing consulting services in matters of development, modernization and reorganization

Debt Restructuring

Out-of-court settlement-Loan arrangements- Bankruptcy proceedings- Red loans

Establishment of companies in Greece and abroad

Choosing the most appropriate legal form for your company


Investment & Development

Brain – Development Ltd. is the professional continuity of the sole proprietorship of Argyris G. Hadoulis and Associates (founded in 1979) and of Brain SA investment and Communication Consultants (founded on 30/06/1998), which is in operation until today. It is based in the city of Volos and is active in the field of business support, both private and public sector, being one of the most important sources of organization and management services in Thessaly.


Complete Services

The company’s sectors cover a wide range of issues related to business and development planning and concern both the Private and the Public Sector, such as:

  • Business Organization and Management
  • Organization, supervision of accounting firms of private and public sector companies. Specialization in Public Accounting for the support of local authorities
  • Organization and supervision of the payroll and employers’ insurance funds & employees
  • Study and implementation of a process of merger, division and conversion of companies, etc.

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