Real Estate Register (PPE): Digital registration of public real estate

The Ministry of Finance is proceeding with the digital registration, classification and processing of the real estate of the State through the Real Estate Register (PPE) with the aim of its better management and utilization.

The Real Estate Register is expected to be the main tool for locating and registering public real estate with the aim of converting it into a Public Land Registry.

The following projects will be “run” for the registration and utilization of public real estate within the year:

  • Locating and accurately identifying real estate of special natural beauty. With the partnership of specialized departments of Greek universities, the exact geospatial determination of the boundaries of public real estate of special natural beauty or of special economic or cultural importance is planned, which until today was not technically possible to delimit with the existing means (eg Caldera). The precise geospatial identification of such properties is expected to bring significant benefits to the State.
  • Utilization of geospatial data for continuous registration of spatial changes of public lands (due to road changes, expropriations, encroachments, etc.), coasts (due to erosion, technical works, etc.) and common areas of the coast.
  • Housing of public services with rationalization and cost savings. New housing tenders will be held, as well as repeated tenders for those who have become infertile, with the aim of drastically reducing the relevant operating costs and adapting to the new Regulations and requirements (energy efficiency, safety, etc.).
  • Rapid liquidation of scholastic inheritances.
  • Audits for the institutions and legacies in order to ensure the effective implementation of the social work and the fulfillment of the purpose they have undertaken, as well as the achievement of the maximum possible publicity in the scholarships granted by the institutions.
  • Continuation and improvement of the electronic auctions for the concession of simple use of the seashore and beach by updating and simplifying the legal framework and by utilizing new technologies to ensure the protection of the seashore and the beach and to promote and facilitate the development policy of the country.
  • Review of the Expropriation Code with a view to simplifying procedures and harmonizing with the country’s Community commitments.

Ministry of Finance and Superfund are looking for a specialized consultant, who will help design a “Holistic Strategy for Public Real Estate”, which has as its main goal the “transition of the Greek real estate market from emerging to mature” with the main axes of protection and effective management and utilization of public real estate. Tenders must be submitted no later than Monday, April 4, 2022.

The consultant will analyze the real estate market abroad and of course Greece, presenting data of the Greek real estate market by basic types of real estate such as residential real estate, office space, shops, storage and industrial space, tourist real estate, etc., will “scan »The properties that exist in the bodies that are under the EESYP but also those… that are sought.

It will help in the selection of the strategic importance of real estate categories to be managed, in the determination of the objectives and the necessary initiatives for the utilization of the real estate categories of strategic importance, it will propose a draft proposals for undertaking all the strategic initiatives that will be identified and analyzed assists in the development of a strategy for the utilization of domestic public real estate.