Not available Taxisnet, IDIKA, e-EFKA from Friday 11/2/2022 at 17:00 until Sunday 13/2/2022 at 18:00

Aiming to improve day-to-day transactions and the quality of services, the General Secretariat for Information Systems of Public Administration (GGPSDD) of the Ministry of Digital Government is proceeding with another significant upgrade of its infrastructure. In particular, transferring its databases to the new infrastructure of Private Cloud Database (Exadata Cloud @ Customer – ExaCC) and Continuous Downloading of Database Backups ensures:

  • improving the speed of citizen service
  • increase the processing power and capacity of the data center of GGPSDD, in order to host the dozens of new applications that are launched on an annual basis.
  • maximizing the availability and productivity of applications.
  • Possibility of dynamic fluctuation of the processing power of the infrastructure depending on the changes in the operational needs (eg increase of power in periods of submission, decrease in periods of lower load), thus ensuring economies of scale.
  • improving the level of security of data integrity and continuity, by introducing improved encryption algorithms and preventing malicious access.

The above have as a consequence the upgrade and improvement of the daily transaction and use experience of the citizens, the businesses and the Public Administration, through a modern and more efficient operating environment of the provided electronic services.

The upgrade will take place during the period from Friday 11 February 2022 at 17:00 until Sunday 13 February 2022 at 18:00. Specifically, during the mentioned period, the services of that are related to: will not be available.

  • User authentication services through Taxisnet codes (such as IDIKA, e-EFKA etc.),
  • GGPSDD services, such as Pothen Esches, Single Payment Authority, e-Payment, and web services from the GGPSDD Interoperability Center to Public Administration bodies,
  • Tax administration services of AADE and Min. Finance, such as Taxisnet, ICISnet, TAXIS, Elenxis, MIS, PSYDIPEEK, Pothen Esches etc.

It is clarified that care has been taken not to affect the operation of the services related to COVID-19. Thus, the following services of will remain operational during the above period:

  • Vaccination against COVID-19 (
  • Vaccination / disease certificate
  • European digital certificate COVID-19
  • Declaration of Self-Diagnostic Tests COVID-19 (
  • Rapid test (input of results from diagnostic centers / public health structures / mobile workshops)
  • Mobile applications Covid Free GR and Covid Free GR Wallet

As in the previous infrastructure upgrade work, every effort will be made to complete the work earlier than scheduled, in order to minimize the impact of their unavailability.