Tax returns: Submitting within a week – Everything you need to know

The electronic curtain for the submission of tax returns is expected to be opened by AADE within the week.

The backdrop of this year’s tax returns that will be submitted by about 6.4 million households is the “frozen” solidarity contribution for income from salaries of the private sector, business activity, real estate, dividends, but also the full restoration of the presumptions of living and the measure of electronic receipts for all taxpayers. The income tax that will result from the settlement of tax returns can be paid:

  • One-time tax deduction of 3% in case the “account” of the Tax Office is paid by July 29, 2022.
  • In up to 8 equal monthly installments with the first installment being paid by July 29, 2022 and the last installment by February 28, 2023.
  • Shortly before the premiere of tax returns taxpayers should know the following: 1. Spouse statements. In the joint declarations of spouses, a separate tax certificate is made and two tax assessment acts are issued, one for each spouse. Credit amounts of one spouse / MSS are not offset against any debts of the other and in case they have both credit amounts are returned to each beneficiary separately.2. Separate statements of spouses. The spouses submit a separate statement if they have stated so. Mandatory separate declarations are submitted in cases where the marital cohabitation has been terminated at the time of filing the declaration or one of the two spouses is in a state of bankruptcy or has submitted legal aid.
    Who submits a statement

    The E1 form must be submitted by:

    • Every natural person, if he has his residence in Greece, has completed the 18th year of his age, regardless of whether he is a dependent member or not and obtains real or imputed income.
    • Taxpayers who have started a sole proprietorship are required to file an income tax return in each case.
    • Residents abroad are required to file a return only when they obtain real income taxable in any way (eg by scale or independently) or exempt from Greek sources.
    • The parent or party holding the parental income for the minor children.
    • The trustee or the temporary administrator or the bankruptcy trustee or the trustee or the liquidator for cases of scholastic inheritance or litigation or bankruptcy or guarantee, or the liquidator of inheritance, respectively.
    • The commissioner or the guardian or the legal assistant, in the cases, respectively, of minors or those who have submitted legal assistance.
    • The heirs of the taxpayer for his total income until the day of his death.

    Those who have made the first declaration of commencement of achievement from 1-1-2019 onwards, for the first three years of their activity, a tax rate of 4.5% from 9% is applied, provided that the annual gross income from business activity or agricultural business activity is up to 10,000 euros.

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