AADE launched the objection platform for companies and professionals who were excluded from the third and fourth cycle of the repayable advance payment. The companies have the possibility to submit a request for review within five working days from the next day of receiving the informative email from the independent Authority and then the services of AADE will review the requests based on the new data.

The relevant informative emails will be sent to all companies within the next few days from the activation of the review requests platform and the taxpayers when submitting the objection, should enter information, such as in which cycle of the Refundable Advance payment, because they consider that their application was wrongly rejected and to substantiate the wrong rejection with supporting documents.

The companies that will be considered eligible will be the last to receive financing in the form of cheap government borrowing as the Repayable Advance cycle has been completed.

According to the planning of AADE, after the completion of the submission of the objections, the amounts that have been given from the seven cycles of the repayable advance and those that must be returned to the state will be posted on TAXISnet.


Beneficiaries have the following options:

– To repay the total amount due in 60 installments with the payment of the first installment in January 2022.

– To pay the entire amount in a lump sum with an additional “haircut” of 15% on the repayable part.

–To choose those who had a revenue reduction of at least 30% in 2020 instead of cutting the debt of the first three cycles to 50% to receive a “check” that will have a value equal to 35% of the amounts received in the first three phases. With the check they will be able to repay current tax liabilities from income tax, ENFIA and VAT. In this case they will have to repay 100% of the Refund in 60 installments from 31/1/2022. However, the measure has not been activated yet.