EFKA: The special platform for the recalculation of pensions has opened

From Monday, October 4, retirees can have immediate and personalized information regarding their recalculation, pursuant to law 4670/2020, through the special platform, which was launched on the website of e-EFKA (www .efka.gov.gr), in the selection: “Information retrospective N. 4670/2020”.

The information concerns:

a) the liquidation of their retroactive,

b) to whom the payment of retroactive payments is still pending;

c) if the recalculation has been completed without arising retroactively for themselves, etc.

Retirees will be certified on the platform with personal TAXISnet codes.

As mentioned in an announcement of e-EFKA, the platform is available both for young people (with a retirement application after May 2016) and for old retirees.