End of service: Exemption this year for farmers and fishermen

With legislation that will be submitted and voted on immediately, the government extends, for the tax year 2021, the exemption from the obligation to pay the service fee for farmers subject to the normal VAT regime, as well as for fishermen of coastal fishing.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Finance, a similar arrangement for exemption from the obligation to pay the service fee for mainly farmers and fishermen, was in force in the previous two years in order to support these professional groups from the negative effects of the pandemic.

The measure concerns:

– The main farmers of the normal VAT regime

-Foreshore fishermen, exploiting, either individually or in the form of co-ownership or civil law society, fishing boats up to twelve (12) meters, between verticals.

“This is another measure that proves that we utilize, to the best of our ability, the available budgetary margins, in order to support, with substantial support measures and tax relief, the people of the primary sector in this difficult situation”, says the Ministry of Finance.