Organization and supervision of Business Accounting

Undertaking and supervising the following accounting and tax work (indicative report):

  1. To direct and monitor the implementation of the entire accounting system of the company.
  2. To keep the accounting books provided by the Code of Tax Representation of Transactions (K.F.A.S.).
  3. To check all the documents and their entries in the books of the company.
  4. To act on the agreement of customers – suppliers – cash of the company.
  5. To prepare the periodic VAT returns.
  6. To prepare the Periodic Return Tax Return Statements.
  7. To post the certificates of freelancers.
  8. To supervise the publication of all kinds of books and data.
  9. To control the course of the results and inform the company.
  10. To prepare the annual financial statements.
  11. To prepare the tax returns of the company.
  12. To prepare real estate declarations.
  13. To prepare and agree on the Consolidated Invoice Statements.
  14. To prepare and submit the income tax returns of the partners of the company.
  15. To provide consulting support to the company in matters of accounting and Taxation.
  16. To ensure the settlement of tax debts, as well as debts to insurance funds.