Accounting operations on a monthly basis during the management period.

1. Checking the daily accounting entries-agreement of all accounts of General Accounting (Banks, Insurance Funds, Suppliers, staff fees-advances, receivables, checks payable).
2. Checking and agreeing on the implementation of the duplicate- presentation of agreement between the two systems income – receivables, expenses – liabilities.
3. Finalizations of accounting entries.
4. Maintenance and printing (when required) of the books provided by law.
5. Supervision of issues of Code of Tax Representation of Transactions.
6. Supervision of Tax, Labor, Insurance Legislation.
7. Supervision and printing of required documents, monthly statements, consolidated statements, etc.
8. Editing the issuance of required certificates (payment IDs, certificates, etc.) by and for various bodies (Tax Office, IKA, etc.).
9. Editing the issuance of a monthly report to the Service (with Balance and expenditure of budget funds).
10. Editing and preparation of Income Tax Returns, VAT Returns, VAT, Third Party Remuneration Taxes and other returns that are required on a case by case basis and provided by the provisions of the tax and insurance-labor legislation.