Administrative Support

  • Supervision during the writing of the decisions of the Board of Directors in accordance with the current Legislation
  • Preparation & supervision of Posting Decisions in DIAVGEIA.
  • Supervision of the ordering posting process as well as the posting of the respective actions in ESIDIS.
  • Budget Preparation per Service & adjustment of corresponding OEMs according to the needs of the Municipal Enterprise (Municipality, NPDD, NPID, SA OTA, etc.).
  • Creation of budget reforms with automatic reserve update, process supervision until its approval by the respective Legality Auditor.
  • Preparation of quarterly statements, regarding the course of implementation of the Budget.
  • Export of reports and information to inform the Management.
  • Finding revenue for the Municipal Enterprise, through the submission of studies in Public Investment Development Programs.
  • Management of competitions of all kinds such as: direct award, draft tender, regular tender, etc.
  • Preparation and implementation of Public Enterprises and Organizational Programs.
  • Participation in the training and implementation of promotional activities, including service promotion programs (mainly concerns tourism promotion organizations).
  • Design, organization and implementation of public interest events, for communication and promotion of the image of the organization, including exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other events.