The new procedure for the circulation of trailers is in force

The new procedure for the circulation of trailers entered into force on February 17, 2022, which provides for the issuance of an independent license and license plates, based on the Ministerial Decision signed by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Michalis Papadopoulos

The above Decision (ΒΔ 4966), according to the announcement of the ministry, solves a chronic problem, as until today, the trailers were circulating without a registration form, but with a special towing note, which was connected to a specific motor vehicle.

Now, the traffic of trailers with a specific vehicle is disconnected, in order to facilitate the transport activity.

The procedure stipulates that those owners of category O1 trailers who have a special towing note must within two years go to the local Directorates of Transport and Communications of the Regions, submitting the supporting documents provided in the Decision, as the case may be, based on the framework issued by the special towing note of each vehicle.


Α) Where the special towing certificate has been issued on the basis of national type-approval or EU-type approval, the following are required:

1. Application for a marketing authorization

2. The original towing note

3. At least four color photographs of the vehicle in printed and digital format, with a resolution of at least 640x480p, dimensions 7 × 10 cm, so that in two of them the rear view (lights, license plate position), the side and the front can be clearly seen (trailer connection device) and the other engraved vehicle identification number and manufacturer’s license plate,

4. Imprint of the 17 / digit identification number of the vehicle in case it can be imprinted (eg it is engraved or embossed)

In this case, the registration permit is issued immediately and state license plates are issued.

Β) When the special towing note has been issued on the basis of house number 34075/3603/1999 (BD 2117) y.a., the above 1 to 4 supporting documents of case A) are initially submitted to the Service.

The Service then issues a 17-digit new identification number of the vehicle, which is engraved on it under the responsibility of an engineer.

Finally, the interested party submits again to the Service the following additional supporting documents for the completion of the issuance of the marketing authorization and the issuance of the state plates:’s certificate that he has provided the new identification number,

2. new color photographs, at least 640x480p, 7 × 10 cm, showing the new engraved vehicle identification number and the manufacturer’s plate (the existing identification number must be shown separately); and

3. the new imprint of the engraved identification number of the vehicle.

Γ) When the special towing note has been issued on the basis of No. 23780/1978 (BD 42) u.a. before its modification by the house no. of the vehicle.

The interested party then addresses an Engineer, who draws up a new statement and engraves the new identification number.

When issuing marketing authorizations for the category of private trailers, a license fee shall be paid as follows:

– For category O1 the amount of 30 Euros will be paid, with a payment code 2992 (license plate code), until a corresponding license code is created.

– For categories O2 and above, the corresponding license fee provided for the traffic of private vehicles (75 euros) is paid.

Finally, for the issuance of registration licenses and license plates of trailers of category O2 and above, the interested parties should follow the provisions of the Decision (BD 4966) and address the local Directorates of Transport and Communications of the Regions of the country, depending on the category of each trailer.