Addition of new KAD – New AADE decision

The Α.1003 / 2022 decision of AADE was published with the title “Amendment of the decision of the Minister of Economy and Finance under data 1100330/1954 / ΔΜ / ΠΟΛ1133 / 06-10-2008 on” Determination of a new National Nomenclature of Economic Activities (Κ.Α. D. 2008) »(Β΄2149).”

With this decision, new Activity Code Numbers are added for the cases of provision of internal control services in the private sector, fight against lice, exploitation of controlled hunting areas and interactive recreational activity “escape rooms”.

In particular, according to the decision, the following Activity Code Numbers (K.A.D.) are added


Κ.Α.Δ. ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION Internal audit services in the private sector Litter control services Control services of controlled hunting areas Interactive leisure services escape rooms