The process of submitting electronic applications for the special seasonal allowance of OAED for the year 2021 starts today, Tuesday 14 September 2021, at 08:00, while the submission of applications to the Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP) will begin on Monday 20 September. The deadline for applications is Monday, November 30, at 14:00.

As mentioned in an announcement of OAED, this year the process starts earlier than any other year.

The submission of applications is done electronically, through the Unified Digital Portal of the State gov.gr, with the codes TAXISnet, at the electronic address: https://www.gov.gr/ipiresies/ergasia-kai-asphalise/anergia/eidiko-epokhiko-boethema-oaed.

Specifically, the route is: gov.gr → Work and insurance → Unemployment → Special seasonal allowance OAED.

As pointed out in the announcement, no in-person attendance is required at the Employment Promotion Centers (KPA2) of OAED.

The amount of the special seasonal allowance ranges from 508.20 euros to 1,016.40 euros and is paid in a lump sum in the quarter of September-November of each year.

Beneficiaries are employees insured in e-EFKA who practice one of the following professions:

Builder, quarryman, lime maker, potter, bricklayer, potter, forester, resin collector, tobacconist, musician-member of the relevant professional association, shoemaker, hired shipbuilder and repairer, engineer, television, engineer, operator and assistant cinematographer, cinema and theater controller, cinematographer and theater treasurer, salaried tourism and food industry, emery worker, the profession of theater-cinematographer, the dancer-member of the events-member of the relevant sectoral or co-professional associations.

Beneficiaries are also the pensioners who have submitted a pension application, until 10/9/2021, who in the year 2020 practiced one of the above professions and have the conditions to receive the allowance for the year 2021, provided that the amount of the pension they receive (main and auxiliary) is less than the amount of 495.75 euros.

In addition, beneficiaries are those who become retired from 11/9/2021 onwards, regardless of the amount of their pension, as well as those who enlisted in order to serve their military service from 11/9/2021 onwards, provided of course meet the prerequisites.

The decision is received through the individual eServices account of OAED.

For detailed information, the terms and conditions, the amount of the aid and the supporting documents, those interested can visit the following e-mail address: http://www.oaed.gr/eidiko-epochiko-boethema. 

The table with the amount of the special seasonal allowance for the year 2021 per profession:


Wages 2020


Builders, Quarries, Lime Makers 95-210 752,14
Potters, Bricklayers, Potters 50-210 711,48
Foresters – Resin collectors 50-210 711,48
Tobacco workers 50-210 711,48
Musicians – members of the relevant professional association 50-210 508,20
Shoemakers 50-210 508,20
Employees of shipbuilding and repair zone 50-230 711,48
Operators of excavators, hoists, road construction, drilling machines 70-210 508,20
Actors 50-210 508,20
Film & TV technicians 50-210 508,20
Cinema operators and assistants 50-210 508,20
Cinema & theater controllers 50-210 508,20
Cinema & theater cashiers 50-210 508,20
Employees of tourism & food industry 75 και όχι άνω των 50 από 1/10 -31/12 508,20
Emery workers 50-240 1.016,40
Theater & cinema attendants 50-210 508,20
Dancers – members of the relevant branch or co-professional associations 50-210 508,20
Technicians employed in live audiovisual events – members of the respective sectoral or co-professional associations 50-210 508,20