NotifyBusiness: Electronic notification of commencement of activity for beauty laboratories, dietetic offices and multifunctional dietary units

From March 15, 2022, the digital submission of the notification for the start of an economic activity in the branches – aesthetic laboratories – diet offices and multifunctional diet units started, which will now take place through the NotifyBusiness Information System

It is the way in which the competent supervisory authorities are informed by the body of an economic activity about the start of installation and / or operation of its activity and about any change related to it.

It is carried out by the natural person or the legal representative of the legal entity that is going to establish or operate the activity in a specific position and is a condition for its establishment or operation respectively. From the submission of the notification, the installation or operation of the activity starts immediately, without the need for a corresponding permit. This only applies to activities or actions for which the notification regime applies.

It presupposes that the place of exercise of the economic activity meets all the spatial or technical requirements and that the required approvals have been obtained. At the place of activity, a file with all the documents required by the relevant provisions (eg administrative licenses, approvals, certificates, certificates, etc.) must be kept.

Digital submission, in addition to simplifying the previous bureaucratic procedures, facilitates businesses, which can start their financial activity, submitting their notification every day and hour, even from their mobile phone.

It is noted that from today it is no longer possible to submit paper notifications and entrepreneurs are relieved of the obligation to go themselves or their representatives to the competent Health Services of the Regional Unit.

The activities that are currently subject to a notification regime are:

  • manufacturing and related activities
  • health shops, theaters and cinemas
  • tourist accommodation and swimming pools inside
  • storage and distribution centers
  • mining activities
  • environmental infrastructure systems
  • aesthetic workshops
  • independent dietetic offices
  • versatile dietary units