Authorized entry to Taxisnet – Enhance the security of the platform

Upheavals are coming in the new year in the process of entry of every taxpayer in Taxisnet.

Until today, most citizens are accustomed to giving Taxis passwords – which they obtain from the Tax Office – to their accountants.

Thus, they can submit on behalf of their customers, their tax return, print the ENFIA statement and more. Except that this process is wrong and possibly dangerous.

Taxisnet passwords “open the door” to a wealth of confidential information and yet even though personal information is assigned to third parties – and especially accountants – with ease.

The need, therefore, to strengthen the degree of security of passwords in Taxis becomes imperative from the moment the “e-government” proceeds.

Authorization to enter Taxis

With Taxis passwords, one can now make responsible declarations, issue certificates and gain access to a wealth of confidential information in addition to tax records.

How many of us have provided Taxis passwords to their accountant in order for them to file their tax return, print their ENFIA statement and inform them of their debts and other obligations?

But how many know that this is not the right procedure because normally the taxpayer has to authorize the accountant in order for him to submit the declaration with his own codes? This “strange” market equilibrium – that is, accountants having the taxpayers’ personal codes – is known to the tax authorities who are launching the solution. Access to Taxis will be restricted to ensure that the person who accesses or uses the codes is also the real owner of the codes. How;

How to “tighten” the process

The prevailing scenario is that the access mechanism will be used in the e-banking of the banks as well. That is, to enter Taxis, it will not be enough just to enter the password and username. You will also need to enter a unique additional code which will reach the taxpayer via mobile phone either via SMS or push notification. Essentially, this way accountants will then have to ask for authorizations to file tax returns on behalf of their clients.

The “tightening” of access to Taxis is planned to be launched in 2022, as a period without particularly increased tax obligations should be chosen. After next July.

Most likely, these changes will be launched and adopted after the second half of next year: Besides, at the moment the Ministry of Finance has planned the issuance of ENFIA statements for March 2022.

Then the process of submitting tax returns will begin with the aim of being completed by June or July of the new year.

If everything goes as planned then the way is open for the specific changes

Regarding AADE, in addition to the security of taxpayers, an audit tool will be “developed”. If accountants can only make statements through authorizations, it is obvious that the tax systems will also record the number of clients that each accounting office has.