AADE calls on citizens to update their contact details

A new system of communication with the citizens is adopted by the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

Invites citizens to update their details and establishes the possibility of declaration and mail “Assistant” (eg accountant, lawyer, relative or relative), to which will be notified the correspondence concerning the tax liabilities of the taxpayer. AADE sends the following e-mail:


Citizens and legal entities, as well as legal entities, which are certified users of the AADE electronic services, must update their electronic contact details on the myAADE digital portal, in the “Register & Contact” option and in the “Contact Details” section. their e-mail addresses (e-mail) and their telephone numbers (Mobile & Landline).

For the electronic communication with AADE you can state:

• The “Personal e-mail”, as an e-mail address to which you / he / she has access. If you have already registered your contact details in the National Communication Register (NMS), you can update your e-mail address in myAADE by selecting “Sync from EMEP”

• At this address you will receive all kinds of information messages of AADE and all notifications for all transactions and documents that are notified in your account (box) in the myAADE digital portal, including those that may contain sensitive personal data that are not related to tax returns or taxes .

• The e-mail of your Assistant, ie the person who helps you in fulfilling your tax obligations (choosing your relationship with your assistant from an exclusive list of roles, such as accountant, consultant, relative / relative).

• Your Assistant’s mail will be notified of your notification on the myAADE digital portal, of AADE transactions, documents and information messages, excluding those that may contain personal data (sensitive or not) that do not relate to your tax returns or tax liabilities (tax liabilities). notified, notification of individual notices of payment of non-tax liabilities, such as traffic fines, liabilities to third parties, etc.).

• You can choose (check-box), in the mail of the Assistant to be sent notifications concerning or containing personal data (sensitive or not), that are not related to your tax obligations. If this option is not selected, notifications for these issues will only be sent to your “Personal Email”. If you do not register such, the notification on these matters is made in accordance with the provisions in force (eg registered letter, service).

The Assistant can remove their mail from your portion, provided you have previously stated “Personal Email”.

If you have not already registered contact details in the National Contact Register, we recommend that you do so. To connect to the EMEp application, please click here.

We remind you that the taxisnet user codes (username, password) are strictly personal and please ensure their correct use, as actions performed through these codes are binding on you.