The company Brain Development Ltd. in the context of the restart of these sites, undertakes the preparation and submission of a dossier for the relevant grant. For your immediate service, contact the phones: 2421313990 and 2421313967 and the address K. Kartali 1 in Volos, as well as the phone number 2427021773, Arkos Building in Skiathos.

The platform for applications to support gyms and playgrounds in the form of restart funds opens today, Monday 31 May. The total amount of funding for both sectors amounts to 16 million euros with the funds that will be given to be scaled according to the number of employees and the costs of the company.

For the calculation of the amount of the subsidy, which will start from 4,000 euros and will reach up to 17,000 euros, will be the reduction of the turnover in 2020 compared to 2019. The grant will be granted as a lump sum for the provision of liquidity and the coverage of future operating expenses, for a period of up to six months from the approval of the application for membership in the Action.

Eligible are the very small, small and medium enterprises that have the following KAD:

– Fitness services for special gyms (aerobics, pilates, yoga, etc.)

– Gym services, instrumental or non-gymnastic

– Kart track services

– Playground services

The basic conditions for the participation of companies in the Action are:

– to have started work at the competent Tax Office before 1/1/2020

– to have as main KAD, or KAD with the highest income according to the tax form E3 of the year 2019, one of the four above eligible KAD
– να διαθέτουν επαγγελματική έδρα και άδεια λειτουργίας της επιχείρησης

– the total sum of the amounts in codes 581, 585 and 587 of the tax form E3 of the year 2019 to be greater than or equal to 4,000 euros. For companies established in the year 2019 this restriction applies to the corresponding reduced sum of the amounts of codes 581, 585 and 587 of the tax form E3 of the year 2019

– to keep haplographic or bibliographic books

– the total amount of aid received in the past, including aid from this Action, does not exceed EUR 200,000 within three years before the date of application for funding

– no recovery order is pending against them on the basis of an EU or WEU decision on previous illegal and incompatible state aid.

The applications are submitted at from 31/5/2021 until 28/7/2021.