Tax returns 2021: The platform for submitting tax returns has opened

The company Brain Development Ltd. in this context, undertakes the preparation and submission of your tax returns. For your immediate service, contact the phones: 2421313990 and 2421313967 and the address K. Kartali 1 in Volos, as well as the phone number 2427021773, Arkos Building in Skiathos.

The electronic platform for the submission of tax returns for the year 2020 has been launched.

Taxpayers will have the opportunity to file their tax return this year by:

  • On July 28, 2021, if the result of the settlement is debit and they want to pay the income tax in 8 equal monthly installments with the first to be paid by July 30, 2021 and the last until February 28, 2022.

It is worth noting that taxpayers who will pay the tax in a lump sum by July 28 will receive a 3% tax deduction.

  • 27 on August 27, 2021. In this case they will have to pay the first two installments of income tax (July and August) by the end of the same month. The remaining amount of tax will be repaid in six monthly installments with the last installment being paid on February 28, 2022.