Issuance of codes and key number at OAED!

The issuance of a key number for access to OAED electronic services is required ONLY for sole proprietorships by natural persons who had already registered with OAED as natural persons or unemployed, as well as the cases of branch registration by an already registered company.
In these cases, the registration is done by sending an email with the request, to the Service to which the company belongs and attaching the following supporting documents:
For sole proprietorship:
  • Certificate of start-up of the business
  • Copy of his police ID
For the other companies, the legally appointed representative must provide:
  • Certificate of commencement of business and branch
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company and appointment of the legal representative
  • Copy of his police ID

It is clarified that in case of sending an email, to ensure the validity of the submitted supporting documents or requests, the traders must send together a validated Responsible Declaration or Responsible Declaration that will be issued by the relevant website

The solemn declaration will state that the specific request and / or the specific supporting documents are transmitted.

The above are sent to the Service to which the company belongs according to its headquarters or its branch in the emails of the Services KPA2 OAED.

For the other companies that do not belong to the above categories, the registration process in the electronic services of OAED is carried out using the taxisnet codes of the company, through the option “Login to the System through certification by AADE”.