e-ΕΦΚΑ: The platform of the special coronavirus allowance is in operation

The application for the special sick leave, due to coronavirus disease, is now submitted electronically, by the employees of the private sector, with a contract or a dependent employment relationship, in the electronic service e-EFKA (https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/epidoma).

According to an announcement by e-EFKA, the submission of the electronic application is made with a positive diagnostic test, with the date of onset of the disease, which is obtained, through interoperability from the National Register of Patients with COVID-19 based on AMKA or Temporary Social Security, without requiring a medical opinion.

Already, during the first day of operation of the platform, a total of 354 requests of employees of IKA-ETAM were submitted.

The application for the granting of the sickness benefit is submitted to the above electronic service, after the insured has previously identified his data, using the credentials of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration (G.G.P.S.D.D.) of the Ministry of Digital Government (taxisnet) and then certify / update its data.