e-EFKA: Electronically the complaint for undeclared and declared work

In order to facilitate the communication of employees, a new electronic service has been launched by e-EFKA, for issues related to the control of uninsured (undeclared and declared) work.

Specifically, through the service “Employee Complaint – Employment Declaration”), in the section “Employees” on the e-EFKA website (www.efka.gov.gr) employees can now submit their complaint electronically to claim stamps due to not or insufficient insurance.

This service is aimed at those employees who have not been insured or have not been properly insured by their employer and wish to claim their insurance settlement.

Regarding the complaint process:

  • In order for an employee to file a complaint against a company, he / she must know its VAT number, while if his / her complaint concerns a construction project, he / she must know the name of the owner / contractor and the exact address of the project.
  • for further convenience of employees it is noted that they can file a complaint using the relevant AME (Employer Registration Number) or AMOE (Construction Project Registration Number). In this case the remaining details of the employer will be filled in automatically.

In any case, if there is a lack of access to the Electronic Services, the employee can submit his complaint in writing to PEKA, which has the territorial jurisdiction to control his place of employment.

It is clarified that the complaint for non-payment of accruals is submitted to the locally competent Labor Inspectorate and not to the e-EFKA.

Instructions for using the new electronic service have been posted on the e-EFKA website, in the electronic services, in the section: Employees, “Employee Complaint – Employment Statement”).