COVID Declaration: Until August 27 the deadline for initial declarations and corrections of property compensation errors

The deadline for initial statements and corrections of property owners’ compensation errors is August 27

In order to further facilitate the taxpayers, the Independent Public Revenue Authority announces that the deadline, which expires today, is extended until August 27, 2021, and within which:

· Landlords / subletors of real estate can submit initial or amending Covid Declarations and / or Real Estate Lease Information Declarations, for the months January 2021 until April 2021. For the convenience of those who have already submitted “COVID Declarations”, AADE will send them a notice in order to correct any errors or omissions.

·Landlords can submit a Covid Declaration to real estate sublethers who have not filed a Covid Declaration for the months of March 2020 until December 2020.

· For the months of March 2020 onwards, in cases of subletting more real estate contained in a Lease Information Statement of the original lessor, subletors are required to submit amending Lease Information Statements to determine which of the sublethers is subletting.

SOURCE: Taxheaven