AADE: In the “microscope” expenses, deposits, loans

Intersection of up to 4/3 of all capital movements

Water, electricity, tuition bills, interest on deposits, repos, interest-bearing bills and bonds, dividends, amounts deposited for private insurance, in private hospitals, in mobile telephony providers, AADE is ready to “scan” in the context of actions for restriction tax evasion and trafficking in “black money”.

The electronic systems of AADE expect from all the bodies, no later than March 4 after the new extension given to them (no. Α.1027 / 1.3.2022), to have sent all the financial data that they have have been requested in order to make the necessary crossroads, but also to implement the plan of the financial staff for the correct pre-filling of the data in the tax returns and their submission earlier this year than next month, except for the unexpected, so that the taxpayers have the opportunity to pay the additional tax in 8 installments.

In any case, the main goal of AADE is the cross-checking of all capital movements and for this reason it requests detailed “lists” of amounts circulated through credit and financial institutions, payment institutions, Hellenic Post, Investment Services Companies, private insurance companies. , private clinics, private schools, fixed and mobile telephony companies, electricity supply and water supply companies, with detailed details of the beneficiaries / co-beneficiaries, such as name, surname, surname, VAT number and calendar reference year.

In particular, credit institutions, including branches of foreign credit institutions, financial institutions, clearing houses using payment cards and payment institutions operating in Greece, the Hellenic Post (ELTA), the Hellenic Central Securities Depository (ETL) ( SA ATHEXCSD) as well as the Investment Services Providers, are obliged to submit to the General Secretariat of Public Revenue of the Ministry of Finance, to the e-Government Directorate GGDE, statements in electronic file.