AADE: Four innovations further facilitate the process of submitting tax returns

Four new innovations further facilitate the process of filing an income tax return for citizens. Specifically:
1. For the first time, citizens can see in a summary table and separately for each spouse / member of a cohabitation agreement, the basic data received from institutions, both for income (current and retroactive earnings, agricultural subsidies – aid, dividends) , interest, fees, etc.), as well as for expenses (tuition, loans, expenses with electronic means of payment, etc.).

2. Taxpayers must inform their contact details to AADE before submitting the return. In those cases where the update has not already been done until 1/9/2021, this possibility is also provided when submitting the income tax return, through a link that leads to the Register and Communication of the myAADE digital portal.

3. For the first time, both the common children and the children of each spouse or member of a cohabitation agreement, which have not been acquired jointly (non-common children), are filled in in separate codes. In the latter case, and when the parents do not submit a joint declaration, the VAT number of the other parent is also filled in. Also, in addition to the AMKA, the TIN of the children must be completed, if it has been acquired.

4. The subsidy of the electricity bills of the rented student residences is facilitated immediately. In this context, new fields have been created in this year’s income tax returns, which fill in the electricity supply number of the student’s rented residence, who does not file a tax return, but is included as a dependent member in his parents’ return.